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Technology is making progress, comfort is increasing. What was luxury yesterday is already standard today. Why does this seem to apply to the automobile, but hardly to the boat? Remote monitoring, smart home, all nice terms that sound like dreams of the future: "If I could afford it...", "If I had a new car, house, or boat, I would ask for it."

Why wait?

Treat yourself to the comfort of seeing important data of your boat on your cell phone. Water ingress, movement, manipulation of the device will trigger an immediate alarm. Position, battery voltage, temperature are transmitted regularly.

Is this only for luxury yachts?

No. From the very beginning, a solution was conceived that is already useful, robust and affordable for small boats. A small, waterproof design, easy installation, the (possible) independence from a board battery and services without a monthly basic fee are the successes of this endeavor.

6 Reasons

Why BoatOfficer?

  • Passion - We are driven to offer the best technical solutions for the most beautiful hobby on earth.
  • Contact - We are happy about the personal contact and regular exchange about our products. Subscribe to our Newsletter or write an e-mail: info@boatofficer.com.
  • Responsibility - We care about our products even after it's been sold. Your long-term satisfaction is vital to us.
  • Authenticity - We are developers as well as sailors. We use our products ourselves and daily - that's how we generate most ideas.
  • Looking forward - What is the best technical solution tomorrow? We keep an eye on technical developments and just like a good skipper we adjust the course without forgetting our destination.
  • Consequence - Where we can improve ourselves or our product, we do it.

The Founder

Who is behind it?

My name is Hendrik Basler, I am the founder and managing director of ThingsOfficer GmbH, a passionate water sports enthusiast and experienced engineer.

My pleasure in modern, customer-friendly technology, my experiences with doubts after a nice day at the lake ("Did I plug in the shore power?") and my aversion to high communication costs brought me one winter evening to research. The research and the disappointment about what has happened so far were my motivation to start BoatOfficer.

I look forward to hearing from you. Wishes, suggestions and feedback are gladly accepted personally. Please write to: hendrik.basler@boatofficer.com